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The area of Narni has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic and the Neolithic times, as testified by the discovery of troglodyte tombs, weapons and tools, as well as the excavation of siliceous fossil bones in the caves by Recentino.

Around 1600 B.C. Umbrian tribes lived in the region, achieving a great superiority over other peoples. Among the cities that they founded we find Nequinum, lying on a rock, overlooking the Nera valley. Remains of this old site can still be seen today, along the old consular road Via Flaminia, leading to Rome, among them the so called "Orlando’s chair" which - according to archaeologists - was an altar used for sacrifices; some symbolic pictures are carved on the rock nearby.

Around 1200 B.C. the Etruscans conquered other cities in the area, like Ameria (Amelia) , Spoletum (Spoleto) and Perugia, but in Narni we don’t find any Etruscan evidence, so Nequinum is believed to have maintained its independence.

Revised by Fabio Ronci

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