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The French Revolution and his armies completely changed the old political system in Italy: in 1789 Narni was part of the first RomanRepublic. During the Revolution and the Napoleonic times Narni went back to the PapalState, then seized and controlled by the French Empire. After 1814 the Restoration tried to strengthen the old structures and the laws of the state.

In 1831 Narni joins the ephemeral revolt against Pope Gregory XVI . In 1849 the second part of the RomanRepublic brings hopes and illusions , and the gradual evolution of the Risorgimento, involved many patriots from Narni, leading to the annexation of Umbria to Italy, in 1859-60.

In 1856 the municipal theatre was inaugurated with a performance of La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi. On September 23rd 1860, the city was occupied by the Italian troops, the fortress was taken and so the papal domination of Narni came to an end, with great enthusiasm of the population. In January, 1866, the railway line Orte -Foligno was inaugurated, with the opening of the station in Narni-Amelia .

During the 20th century the town undergoes many important changes: between 1956 and 1968 the main churches of the town (including the cathedral) are finally restored, and in 1969, thanks to some volunteers, the first modern edition of the medieval Corsa all’anello (i.e. race to ring) takes place.

Revised by Fabio Ronci

The Ring Race
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