The Industrial Age
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A new life starts in the early 20th century, with the birth of the first industrial plants, favoured by the large quantity of water on the valley.

In 1899 the plants of Linoleum and Elettrocarbonium were founded on the Plain.

From 1906 to 1930 the city hosted an important settlement which produced calcium carbide.

In 1915 a chemical plant was built by the village of Nera Montoro, it was later acquired by the Terni Chemical Industries Company.

Many citizens from Narni took part in the first World War and the fallen soldiers are still remembered by a monument erected in 1927 on a tower built near the city gate Porta Ternana. Even in Narni the feeling of socio-political discomfort after the war led to the success of the fascist regime. The Second World War saw the destruction of buildings, bridges and industrial plants before the liberation of 13th June 1944. Subsequently, the city developed as a fundamental part of the industrial centre of Terni , this element that has influenced and still influences its economic life. In this period and the first large industries of Narni developed very quickly, and the economical, cultural and social changes had a deep influence on the surrounding landscape.

Revised by Fabio Ronci

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