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In ancient times the town was called Nequinum, a name which recalls uncertain events, roughness and iniquity. The Romans called it Narnia and later it became Narniam, Narne, Nargni, Nargie and Nargnie before taking the current name of Narni.

This continual changing of the name offers a hint about the history of this town, which was founded in old times and found its final identity first as a Roman colony then as a Roman town. Narni was a free town (i.e. a Comune) during the Middle Ages, but later it was included into the territories of the church and finally gained its own independence with the unification of Italy. The arrival of industry at the end of the 19th century (first a tannery, then a glassworks and a rubber and gutta-percha factory, an innovative linoleum factory, then electric coals and chemicals) marked the beginning of an extraordinary period of growth and development of the new town, which would be called Narni Scalo, on the plain, a place offering testimony of a long history of innovation.

Revised by Fabio Ronci

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