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Cocceio Nerva: He was born in Narni around 30 A.D. and was declared Roman Emperor in 96 A.D. He ruled the Empire mixing his ideas of freedom, Empire and peace. He died in 98 A.D.

Berardo Eroli: born in Narni in 1409, he was an important Cardinal. He committed himself to restoring a big part of his hometown, renewing the old monastery of San Girolamo.

Giovanni Eroli: scholar and historian born in Narni in 1813. He wrote important works for the local history, like "Miscellanea Narnese" (1853) and "Descrizione delle Chiese di Narni e suoi dintorni" (1898).

Il Gattamelata: born in Narni around 1370, he was a famous soldier of fortune fighting for the Pope Martino V, as well as for the Venetian Republic. His real name was Erasmo, or -according to other historians- Stefano. He died in Padua in 1443; in his honour his wife ordered a statue to be done by the artist Donatello, the equestrian monument can still be admired on the main square in front of the Basilica, in Padua.

Galeotto Marzio: He was a scientist and humanist, he was born in Narni in 1427. Galeotto worked as a private teacher for the Emperor Matthias Corvinus in Hungary and for the King of France. Because of his controversial theories, expressed in "De Incognita Vulgo", (1447), he was charged with heresy and put on trial by the Inquisition. Later on he was acquitted. He died in Bohemia in 1490.

Antonio Mancini: Mancini was a 19th century painter who loved portraits and self-portraits. In 1920 The Biennale in Venice dedicated an exhibition to his art. He died in 1930.

Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante: born in Narni in 1642, he was an important lawyer. He founded the worship of the blessed Lucia and beatified her. He also created a wool factory with adjoining orphanage in the building, and two children's homes: one for the boys and one for the girls.

Caterina Franceschi Ferrucci: She was a scholar and writer, born in 1803. She was the first woman ever to join the famous Academy "Della Crusca" in Florence. She died in 1887.

Revised by Fabio Ronci

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