Eroli's Museum
The Civic Museum is situated in Narni's old town centre, behind the Town Hall. With its 2700 sqm hosts major paintings, sculptures and archaeological sites that allow the reconstruction of the city's history.

Its centrality has transformed the Museum as a tourist information centre to find schedules of openings for visiting artistic heritage, events and initiatives in the city and in the territory.

At the Museum you can book guided tours around the old town centre.

As the town culture building, the Museum offers the possibility of an ongoing cultural exchange through conferences, presentations of books and publications, meetings, thematic tours and workshops for children with a "child-friendly Museum" to create a permanent itinerary and to interact with the collection on display.

Palazzo Eroli, rich noble residence in Narni, is also a perfect setting for temporary exhibitions by combining the Museum collection.

The Museum is divided into two sections: the archaeological site, which includes prehistoric artifacts to medieval times, and the picture's gallery, with works dating from the 14th to the 18th century.

Among the most interesting works we can admire: the “Crowning of the Virgin” by Domenico Ghirlandaio and the “Annunciation” by Benozzo Gozzoli, the Egyptian Mummy with its wooden sarcophagus decorated and finally the bronze Cup of the fountain in the main square (Piazza dei Priori in 1303).

The whole is supported by state-of-the-art equipment like large screens and lighting systems.

Place of reading, relaxing and tasting is "CaffEroli" at the coffee bar inside the Museum.

The ticket office is stocked with an extensive bookshop, a reading section on the second floor and a children's corner on the first floor.

There is also present an extensive consultation room for adults on art, history and tradition and one reserved for young visitors for a funny approach to the art and history through didactic activities. Adjacent to a spacious terrace overlooking the charming Nera’s river cleft.

By the museum's entrance ticket you can visit the Chapel of San Bernardino (Eroli's Chapel), inside the church of San Francesco.

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