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The Civic museum, inside the Palazzo Eroli, currently houses archaeological finds from the ancient city, Roman times and the Middle Ages and a collection of paintings mostly coming from the dissolved religious orders. Located at the centre of the museum is the celebrated altarpiece "Coronation of the Virgin" (1484-1486), painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio for the "Observants" of the convent of San Girolamo, just outside the town, who relied on the intercession and support of the powerful Eroli family, patrons of the convent for many years, to obtain the artist's services. The current exhibition is enhanced ??spectacularly and didactically by the completely "darkened" environment and the dedicated and variable lighting "sequence", a genuine triumph of light for such a complex picture designed so completely for light. The incredible visual effect of the rays of light from the golden ball (resembling the sun) at the centre of the sacred relief is clearly appreciable. In the original position, this effect was obviously produced by the rays of the sun entering the church throught the rose-window of the facade. The other works include an Annunciation by Benozzo Gozzoli (1451-52), the first known painting to be signed by Benozzo: an extremely refined painting which André Perate, in a French critique in 1907 defined as "ravissante", enchanting!

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