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Sacripante's Palace
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This building currently houses the courses belonging to the Faculty of Scienze dell’Investigazione (i.e. the CID faculty) of the University Perugia.

It was originally called Bomcambi palace, named after its former owner: the building was bought in 1711 by Cardinal Joseph Sacripante, who needed space to house the hospice he founded in 1639. The building overlooks the square Galeotto Marzio (also known as Piazza Cajola). A pair of twin portals, consisting of a row of smooth ashlars, characterizes the façade. Through the right portal you’ll get into a room with coffered ceilings, decorated with floral elements and coats of arms, including those belonging to the noble family and Cardoli Del Bufalo. The left portal leads to a loggia, and from this point you can reach the upper and lower floors, as well as the rooms on the ground floor. An elegant portal opens at the bottom, offering a beautiful view of the landscape in the valley.

Revised by Fabio Ronci

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