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The Town Hall
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The town hall, and the Palace “dei Priori” are on the main square of the city. During the middle ages this was the place where the political power of Narni was represented at it best. The town hall dates back to 1273, when the politicians of the town decided to build a new “home” for the local institutions.

The members of the town council purchased 3 houses and towers which, joined together, formed the basis of the first public building: two floors, an open loggia on the ground floor, a higher building in the middle, and perhaps a tower. Later on (between 15th and 16th century), the loggia on the ground floor was closed to create a hall and a staircase was opened. The use of the internal staircase as a theatre is already documented in 1427 (the real theatre was built on the top floor towards the end of the 17th century).

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