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Piazza dei Priori
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The town hall, the loggia and the tower form the border of Piazza dei Priori (platea major), which was built on the Roman forum (some important remains of which may still be seen below).

At the end of the square, for public use and also as decoration and enhacement of the surroundings, the 14th century fountain has become a symbol over time, a kind of monument to public water. An inscription, only recently deciphered and in a rare "uncial" script (meaning one inch high), runs around the centre of the bronze cup (the original is now in the museum and has been replaced by a copy), showing, in addition to the meeting date (1303), the name of the podesta of that year (Francesco d'Alviano), the six serving consuls and the master melteers. The basin is more original: a strange twenty-sided polygon with an unclear symbolic meaning, since the effective uselfulness of this geometrical shape is doubtful. Philippe Petit-Radel, passing throught the town in 1812, observed with perfect equilibrium "an ostentatious yet entirely practical concept".

The Ring Race
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