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Palace "dei Priori"
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Palazzo dei Priori was built close to the civic tower in the 14th century, once again on an existing building, and Matteo Gattapone probably contributed to its design. In 1618, the town authorities gave the building to a religious Order in order to create one of the first charitable schools outside Rome. The founder of the Order, Saint Giovanni Calasanzio, asked the architect Carlo Maderno to plan the building. The building was given back to the town council in 1870.

A small meeting-place is placed between the tower and the loggia, where the public crier used to read public announcements. Saint Bernardino from Siena allegedly talked to the people from this pulpit and, on Liberation day (13th June, 1944), Rutilio Robusti, victim of political persecution and indomitable anti-Fascist, was proclaimed mayor and acclaimed by the local people.

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