Art and culture - Streets and Squares
The town hall, the loggia and the tower form the border of Piazza dei Priori (platea major), which was built on the Roman forum (some important remains of which may still be seen below). At the end of the square, for public...
The ancient Piazza of lake, for a large cistern from the Roman period, used in the Middle Ages for the provisioning of water in case of siege, is the center of the town.
On the right side in Via Garibaldi there is a well-preserved tower, was built in the 1200-1300, on the left side a big palace rebuilt in the early twentieth Century, when it was decided to widen the street.
From Garibaldi's street through a staircase leads in Bell Tower's street, is one of the characteristic angles of Narni. The bell tower of the Cathedral has been developed on the foundations of the Roman fortifications, in the...
On this street are medieval towers, houses of the 12th century and the church of S. Domenico. At the beginning of the street are two 16th century palaces, Palazzo Mosca and Palazzo Bocciarelli. The Romanesque church of S....
It takes its name from the Roman arch on the top.
The Ring Race
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