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The votive chapel which housed the first burial of the Saint, still complete, although the reliquary has been moved into the new confessional, was hollowed out of the city walls a short distance from the Roman Arch. As worship...
The church was built after the death of the Saint in 1226 in a place where the saint had resided. The facade of the church has a portal with concentric arches and on the fronton was the rose window, which was damaged in...
The church is called Santa Maria Impensole because it is built on a slope. Originally, there was a Roman temple here and, in fact, the load-bearing structure of the building dates back to the 8th century, whereas the church was...
Was the first cathedral of the city, with its transfer rates to S.Giovenale, it was entrusted to the Dominicans in 1304. Deconsecrated in 1867 became owned by the city. Today has become a modern hall, the place for...
The present church was built at the turn of the Thirteenth Century. The front entrance has a beatiful portal and a rose window in the top center.
The church was completed in 1602 as evidenced by the inscriptions that appear on the ceiling. It is located at the end of Cocceio Nerva's street. To visit it is necessary to ask the parish office at number 0744 722610.
Founded by Cardinal Berardo Eroli between 1461 and 1471.
It preserves the memory of the presence of the saint like the cellar or cave, where he went to pray, and his resting place. The oratory dates back to the 13th century and is frescoed, whereas the cloister dates back to the 15th...
The church was consecrated in 1728 and became a sanctuary, a place of pilgrimage from southern Umbria, Sabina and Lazio.
Some scholars have put forward the hypothesis that it was a bit like the birthplace of the Benedictine order in the Narni area and that it gave birth to the different monasteries scattered around the area,of which we still have...
The ancient Church of S.Maria di Visciano, the Church of S. Pudenziana, it is a church that was part of an ancient monastery situated in the Narni countryside crossed by the Via Tiberina. The high bell tower built from the...
The church has been recently restored.
The ancient abbey stands on the site occupied by an ancient Roman Villa from the time of Emperor Antoninus, as evidenced by inscriptions and archaeological finds.
The current church of S. Michele Arcangelo stands on the site of another older, alongside a small monastery, and has very ancient characteristics in terms of its unusual plan and the layout of the individual architectural...
The church was completed in 1614 and became a place of pilgrimage.
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