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The Church of San Francesco
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The church was built after the death of the Saint in 1226 in a place where the saint had resided. The facade of the church has a portal with concentric arches and on the fronton was the rose window, which was damaged in the 17th century. The inside has three late Romanesque style naves, split by cylindrical pillars on which round arches rest. The polygonal apse is covered with a domical vault, is Gothic and reflects the one in the cathedral. At the end there is a large three-mullioned window with ornamented glass split into two parts. The upper part portrays St. Francis with the Franciscan protomartyrs, whereas the lower part portrays The Cave of Narni, St. Juvenal and the Piazza dei Priori. There are five chapels at each side of the naves. The church is rich in 14th, 15th, 16th century frescos, whose characteristics are typical of the pictorial tradition of Narni and the surrounding area, with the exception of the Eroli chapel, which is characteristic ot 15th century architecture and is decorated with frescoes portraying episodes of the saint's life, inspired by Giotto's frescoes of Assisi ant the frescoes of the church of San Francesco in Montefalco.

The vestry was frescoed by Alessandro Torresani with scenes portraying the Annunciation, the Adoration of the Magi, the Marriage at Cana and the Redeemer.

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