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The Church of Santa Maria Impensole
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The church is called Santa Maria Impensole because it is built on a slope. Originally, there was a Roman temple here and, in fact, the load-bearing structure of the building dates back to the 8th century, whereas the church was built in the 12th century, the year 1175 is in fact inscribed on the architrave of the central door. The portals are decorated with floral friezes, tendrils and symbolic animals such as the lamb, the lion, the eagle, the peacock. Above the central door, there is a medallion with an engraved picturewhich, according to some, represents the Redeemer, whereas others believe it is S. Benedetto, because the church belonged to the Benedictines.

Inside the church there are three naves, split up by two rows of columns with special capitals on top supporting the characteristic lowered arch, typical of Narni architecture, whereas the roof is a truss structure. The apse is small and the altar is made of stone, with a very substantial altar supported by six pillars. In the centre of the apse, on a shelf, is the 17th century statue of Our Lady of the Assumption. The underground parts of the church point to evidence of a previous religious building built on a Roman structure with two cisterns.

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