The best way to visit the old town of Narni is by walking, discovering streets by streets, square by square, all of the most interesting places of the town and those just outside the walls. 

If you want to move into the territory it is possible to do it by car, motorbike or camper, reaching several castles and villages of the municipality, or is possible using the public transportations or the special Narni Chiama Bus.

Narni Chiama Bus: move to Narni.

Narni Chiama Bus is an innovative public transport call service that revolutionizes the idea of mobility, to feel in tune with the environment and choose independence.

The system connects all the hamlets of the Narni’s municipality with the heart of the town, just a call 0744 767009 or a click to book a specific move within the municipality, specifying the point and time of departure and arrival.

Who can use Narni Chiama Bus?

The users who can use the call service are all those who register themself in the system calling the call center 0744 767009.


How does it cost the service?

The cost is that of an urban travel ticket or ordinary or school subscription for TPL services that are valid.

Where can I buy the ticket?

In the normal shops who sell the urban travel tickets or on the bus with a surcharge.

At which stops is the service active?

In all stops of the service Umbria Mobilità and CMT – look the map.

What do I need to reserve?

The reservation can be made ​​a maximum of one day in advance. 

To reserve you’ll need:

  • call the call center 0744 767009 or write an email to ;
  • indicate the day of travel;
  • indicate the location of departure and arrival and the time; 
  • indicate the number of seats to reserve;
  • indicate special needs of travel

PLEASE NOTE: it is advisable to book at least three hours in advance

Which are the operating hours of the service?

  • For informations and reservations of the service: every day from 7am to 11 pm at the number 0744 767009;
  • For operating hours, please access the website.

Tel. +39 351 2385302 / 800 266 300

Comune di Narni

Piazza dei Priori, 1 – 05035 Narni (TR)

Tel. 0744.7471 Fax 0744.715270

P.IVA 00178930558 IBAN IT40G0631572711000080000325

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