Characteristic and unique is the architectonic baroque complex, made from the second half of the XVII century , which includes the Major Altar, the Confession and the Crypt which preserves the relics of San Giovenale.

The altar, the confession and the crypt: masterpieces of the Baroque period.

The building works started in 1642 after that the reconnaissance of the sacello, from the bishop of that time Giampaolo Bocciarelli, allowed the discovery of the relics which gave the impulse to the realization of a monumental architectural project that transformed the cathedral and was entrusted to the architect Vincenzo Zaccarelli.

Was thank to the Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante, which donated to Narni even the hospice of Jesus and Maria, today in Piazza Galeotto Marzio and headquarter of the University, that was possible to develop the majestic project to which they also worked the architects Domenico Legendre, Giuseppe Paglia, Matthia De Rossi and Nicola Michetti.

L'altare maggiore e la Confessione con l'accesso alla Cripta di San Giovenale

The inspiration for Saint Peter’s masterpiece in Rome.

The model of the complex of the grandstand and the presence of the confession, brings us to the model of Saint Peter in Rome, made by Maderno for the confession and by Bernini and Borromeo for the altar in the form of a canopy and finished in 1633.

The bulk of the ciborium, the elliptical stairs that lead to the base of the confession, the plays of light that are reflected on the polychrome marbles are a compendium of the most refined baroque style of the time.

The crypt of San Giovenale

The crypt has the relics of the Patron which are placed today under a cenotaph surmounted by a reliquary bust in his honor kept in a cell embellished by the fresco of the dream of the night of San Giovenale.

Going down to the stairs which lead to the crypt, under the apse, there is a room with the altar devoted to the Saint with a big window that gives vision of the bust and the cenotaph.

Cathedral of San Giovenale


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