Castles, villages, abbeys, each with their own history, each with their own traditions but linked each other in one proud land, that one which composes the Lands of Narnia, the territory of the municipality of Narni.

Castles, villages and abbeys of the Narnia lands.

Narni’s Municipality – within the so called “Umbria of the Le Terre dei Borghi Verdi” – is dotted with towns that once were castles to defend the territory, from abbeys, shrines and small country churches that make these lands unique and evocative.

Along the Via Flaminia trail.

Already from the past the via Flaminia linked Narni, to the south with Otricoli (Ocriculum) and to north with Terni (Interamna Nahars) and, in the ancient trail, to Carsulae.

The defensive system, which included even the control of part of the Nera River , has seen born castles which now are characteristic villages that can be visited along the actual stretch which retraces the consular road (SS3ter) through south.

The castle of Taizzano.

Leaving Narni, after almost 7 kilometres, on a cliff overlooking the Nera, rises Taizzano, in the past little castle, today caratheristic village which embraces the Church of the Saints Maria Annunziata and Silvestro

In the countryside of Taizzano, one of the places that worthed to visit is the splendid Church of San Martino, placed along the  Cammino dei Protomartiri Francescani (The Way of the Franciscan Protomartyrs). 

Continuing towards south, on the road SS3ter you meet , on the left, the ancient Abbey of Sant’Angelo in Massa.

The castle Borgaria.

On a hill not far from Taizzano rises what was in the past the castle of Borgaria, with its church dedicated to the Saints Silvestro and Feliciano.

Down the Via Flaminia, in Visciano location, there is the Church of Santa Pudenziana, one of the most suggestive places to visit in Narni.

Vigne, Schifanoia, Gualdo, Guadamello and San Vito.

Past the crossroad on the Sanguinaro bridge, on the left – along what was the ancient stretch of Via Flaminia – you go up into the village of Vigne and a few kilometres, on the right you arrive in Gualdo, where it is possible to visit the Church of the Saints Pietro and Paolo.

With an interesting deviation, from Vigne toward Poggio di Otricoli, you can reach what was the splendid castle of Schifanoia, the Church of San Giovanni Battista and visit the beautiful and ancient Church of  San Michele Arcangeloanother place located along the stretch of the Way of the Franciscan Protomartyrs. 

Leaving the Via Flaminia and skirting the last offshoot of the hill to control the Nera, you can then visit the castles:

Along the path of the Nera river.

Downstream of Narni, the Via Ortana runs alongside the Nera River in parallel with the Gole del Nera path (Gorges of the Nera River) encountering several awesome towns:

  • Stifone where, along the streets you can visit the Church of Santa Marina and, above all, the water routes formed by springs, washhouses and small emerald lakes;
  • the castle of Montoro, with the baronial palace, the characteristic village that surrounds it and the two churches;
  • San Liberato, its tower, the homonymous church and, not far away, the oasis formed by the Nera river that reaches the border with Lazio.

The Capitonese road.

Passing to Narni Scalo and taking the via Capitonese (SP29), before , you can stop to visit the Church of Santa Maria della Cerqua, then reach the majestic castle of Capitone, in the past once a bastion to defend the borders with Amelia.

The road to Itieli, Sant’Urbano and the Sacred Cave of San Francesco.

Starting from Narni towards Rome through the Via Flaminia (SS3), after passing the hamlet of Testaccio, in Madonna Scoperta you can turn left to take the panoramic Itieli road that leads to the medieval castle of the Itieli and the Church of San Nicola.

Continuing towards Stroncone on the road Narni-Sant’Urbano (SP20), you arrive at the beautiful village of Sant’Urbano with its Church of San Michele Arcangelo.

Not far away you can visit one of the most beautiful places in Italy: the Sacred Cave of San Francesco.

Discover Narni.

Reach one of the place outside the walls of Narni, or discover:

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