The Gole del Nera (=Gorges of the Nera river) and the itinerary cycle-pedestrian of six kilometers born on the path of the old railroad which accompany the waters of Nera which in this point has an intense emerald color, are one of the most surprising natural places of Umbria.

The Gole del Nera, an oasis for lovers of nature and outdoor activities.

We are under the valley dominated by the city of Narni, where the Nera flows and then dives into the Tevere creating natural pools of vivid colors of turquoise and emerald. 

Take a walk slowly savoring the colors and smells of nature, run along the path of a former railway accompanied by the gurgling of the waters of a thousand-year-old river, pedal and be surprised by fabulous views fought whether to stop to take a picture or accelerate to find new: the Gole del Nera  are a place that enchants.

From the Augustus Bridge and from the Abbey of San Cassiano which dominate from above the itinerary, passing to the little hamlet of Recentino and its springs, then to the village of Stifone, until to arrive to the natural pools of the Le Mole di Narni is a continuo of suggestions historical and naturalistic . 

A paradise for treeker, runners or lovers of bicycles who can enjoy this view walking or riding on the cyclo-pedestrian built along the path of the old railroad. 

Panorama delle Gole del

Walking in Narni: from the old town to the Gole del Nera and returning.

Different ways to enjoy one of the most beautiful places of Umbria: the best way is to do a 11 kilometer walk which starts from Narni, arrives at the Gole del Nera to return again to the town.

Gole del Nera


Gole del Nera – 05035, Narni

The Gole del Nera can be reached from Narni through a walk of about 5.5 km, or you can park near the remains of the Augustus Bridge in via Tre Ponti and reach the starting point by crossing the iron bridge that crosses the Nera River.

Where to park

It is advisable to park the car near the remains of the Augustus Bridge, in via Tre Ponti.

Discover Narni.

Continue to walk with us discovering what to see inside the walls of Narni.

Or discover the points of interest of Narni and of its territory:

Palazzo dei Priori di Narni
City of Narni

Priori Palace

For the particular architecture and the elements which compound it, the Priori Palace of Narni is one of the most beautiful monuments of Umbria.  The

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Particolare dell'Incoronazione della Vergine del Ghirlandaio
City of Narni

Eroli Palace

Eroli Palace, in the past residence of the noble family until the end of the XX century and today Museum, Art Gallery and Library of

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Comune di Narni

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