Placed by Dante in the Heaven as the symbol of the church, the ancient symbol of the griffin – with the bird head and lion body – is the emblem of Narni (and of another very important city of Umbria).

The griffin which became the coat of arms of Narni and Perugia.

A Narni legend states that, in the Medieval period, in the territory between Narni and Perugia there was a griffin.

The two cities, at that time in war, coalesced to bring him down.

After killing it, Perugia kept the bones as a trophy, Narni the red skin.

For this reason the Griffin in the Perugia coat of arms is white and in that one of Narni is red.

The coat of arms of Narni, granted by D.P.R. of 12 October 1951, bears the following coat of arms: “of silver to the griffin of red, the tongue of the same” (“d’argento al grifo di rosso, linguato dello stesso”).

Lo stemma di Narni con il grifone rosso

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