In July, Narni is blessed by the muse of music, art and culture during the day of the Narnia Festival that’s a great celebration of arts, music and culture that offers performances of world-famous artists, art exhibitions, cultural activities, and the best of international educational programs.

The Narnia Festival.

The Narnia Festival events are born between the union of tradition and innovation and go from the classic music to the lyric music, passing through the jazz, the ballet and the flamenco and the argentine tango. 

Katia Ricciarelli, Marcello Giordani, Danilo Rea, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Carol Wincenc, Tali Roth, Silvia Duran, Luc Bouy, Pablo Garcia, several international artists who participated and still participate to the festival. 

In addition to Narni, the events are placed even inside the places of cultural  interest of all of southern Umbria. 

Beyond the festival: masterclass, language-cultural training and workshop.

The days of the Festival are rich with several activities such as masterclass of high specialization, language-cultural training and workshops. 

And the old town of Narni is invaded by the wind of international culture that only an event of this breath can bring.

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