The contacts and the useful numbers for a good stay in Narni. 

Let’s discover the useful numbers.

Touristic Info point.

The new Touristic info point is located in Piazza dei Priori 3, next to the entrance of the Municipality Palace.

Eroli Palace.

The Eroli Palace, in Via Saffi 1, is the headquarters of the museum, the art gallery and the library of Narni.

Albornoz Fortress.

The Albornoz Fortress, reachable on top of the cliff in Via Feronia, is open for visitors and is the place for events and conventions. 

Narni Underground.

The complex of Narni Underground is reachable by the gardens of San Bernardo. 

Suffragio parking lot.

Close to the old town, reachable by elevators, the Suffragio Parking lot is the best place to park the car, the motorbike or camper.   

Narni Chiama Bus public transport call service.

The public transport call service Narni Chiama Bus is the best way to move around Narni and in its territory. 

Services - Bikes rent.

To enjoy the different places of the town and outside its walls it is possible to rent bikes from different places:

B&B Nonna Anita.

Via Tuderte, 467, 05035 Narni

Capotosti Cicli e Motocicli.

Via del Santuario, 14, 05035 Narni

Gallo Bike Park.

Strada dei Colli, 17 05035 Narni


Casale Viriti – Via Tiberina, 1380 05035 Narni. Con possibilità di guida e bikepacking.

Services - Tourist and Hiking Guides.

The opportunity to experience the unique places of Narni and of its territory accompanied by local tour guides.

Alfredo Paciaroni.

Tour guide (Italian, English e French)

Noleggio auto con conducente.

The opportunity to experience the unique places of Narni and its territory accompanied by local drivers.

Alfredo Paciaroni.

Renato Gagliardi.

Comune di Narni

Piazza dei Priori, 1 – 05035 Narni (TR)

Tel. 0744.7471 Fax 0744.715270

P.IVA 00178930558 IBAN IT40G0631572711000080000325

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