The hiking trail that from Narni takes to the Gole del Nera is a suggestive ring circuit about 11 kilometers which starts from the old town, arrives into the Gole del Nera and, after passing in Stifone, goes back to the mountain until the medieval Pietra Gate.

Hiking trail from Narni to the Gole del Nera (and return).

This hike only takes two and a half hours (actual walking time) on both gravel and asphalt roads and starts from Narni old town in Piazza dei Priori.

From Narni to the Augustus Bridge.​

Leaving the square behind you enter the street Mazzini and, on the right, you can admire the Church of Santa Maria Impensole until you reach Piazza Galeotto Marzio and its beautiful palaces. Continuing on Via Marcellina, turning left, first you meet what was the Erasmo il Gattamelata Home and then the imposing Fiera Gate that precedes Porta Polella.

Crossed the main road, a few meters on the left there is the street which goes down towards the Mill of the Marquises Eroli under the mole of the arch of the Augustus Bridge.

The cycle-pedestrian of the Gole del Nera up to Stifone.​​

Leaving the bridge behind, on the left there is the iron bridge with which you cross the river and, again on the left, the cycle-pedestrian begins (CAI n. 659 hiking trail) which traces the old railway track and from which you reach Stifone that we recommend you visit, once crossed the bridge.

There is also the possibility, eventually, to visit those splendid natural pools which are the  Le Mole di Narni.

The trail of Pietra Gate and the return to Narni.

Going back along the same itinerary, at the height of some blocks of cement and the indication of “Fonti di Lecinetto” you cross, again, the river nearby of the little village of Recentino. 

From there, crossing the Via Flaminia you can take the Itinerary of Porta Pietra and, going up, arrive at the homonymous Gate, one of the entrances of the walls of Narni. 

After a splendid landscape on the viewpoint  (CAI 654 hiking trail) you arrive again in Piazza Garibaldi and the old town of Narni. 

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