The Church of Santa Maria della Cerqua takes its name from the secular cerqueto on the hill crossed by the street which from Narni leads to Capitone

Tradition says that , in 1576, on an oak tree was found a marble bas-relief of Madonna col Bambino which was considered miraculous.

The Church of Santa Maria della Cerqua in la Quercia location in Narni.

In 1597, thanks to the intervention of Angelo Racani and Quintiliano Cardoli from Narnu and on the project by Gian Domenico Bianchi from Milan, the construction of the sacred building started and ended in 1615. 

In 1622 it was equipped with a baptismal font and later, in 1637, it became a parish seat.

Facciata della Chiesa di Santa Maria della Cerqua

The architecture and the works in the church.

The facade is incomplete and on the ground are noticed the beautiful stone capitals which were needed to complete the pillars of the lower part. 

The inside is with one aisle , and is wide and airy. 

On the back, in front of the wide apse, a particular tabernacle which has the bas-relief with the image of the Madonna con Bambino leaning against the oak trunk on which it was found. 

The brick altar is decorated by a sculpted wooden frontal, and supports a carved and gilded tabernacle, very fine. 

On the walls there are four chapels, three of which have the altarpiece of the altar with beautiful canvases from the XVII century with a niche where it preserves a particular little statue of the Madonna col Bambino, also from the 17th century sculpted in wood, very fine. 

In addition to the canvases of the altars, in the different parts of the church there are other canvases : the Madonna with Child and S. Anna of Alfani, the third franciscan order by Michelangelo Braidi from Narni.

The Way of the Franciscan Protomartyrs.

The passage at the church is part of the fourth stage of the Way of the Franciscan Protomartyrs – from Narni to San Gemini.

Church of Santa Maria della Cerqua


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The church is open during the religious celebrations

Where to park

It is suggested to park in the little space in front of the church.

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