The 659 hiking trail starts from the old town of Narni and, after a tract among the city walls, goes down towards the Augustus Bridge to arrive, through the Gole del Nera and Taizzano to the Abbey of Sant’Angelo in Massa.

CAI 659 Hiking trail: Narni - Madonna del Ponte - Taizzano - Castel Sant'Angelo.

The hike (Excursionist difficulty) of almost 12 kilometers starts from Piazza Garibaldi and goes up towards the old town though Via dell’Arco Romano.

After the visit to the most important interesting places of the old town, including the Church of Sant’Agostino, the Eroli Palace, Piazza dei Priori, the Gardens of San Bernardo and the former Church of San Domenico, and after passed Piazza Galeotto Marzio and exiting the walls from Fiera Gate, reaches the Augustus Bridge.

Across the Nera river, the trail continues to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Ponte in Narni Scalo direction. 

Taken the street of San Casciano you go up again until to reach the Abbey of San Cassiano and then you descend to enter the pedestrian cycle of the Gole del Nera

Arriving in Stifone the trail goes up toward Taizzano to arrive, finally, to the Abbey of Sant’Angelo in Massa rejoining the Way of the Franciscan Protomartyrs.

Hiking trail, plan and GPX

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Total distance: 11659 m
Download file: sentieri-cai-659 - narni-madonna-del-ponte-taizzano-castel-sant-angelo.gpx

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