The Via Flaminia was built between 225 and 220 B.C. by the Roman consul Caius Flaminius and, since then, became one of the most important communication routes in Umbria with the function of connecting Rome and the Adriatic Sea.

The road, once in Umbria, reached Ocriculum (today’s Otricoli) to go towards Narnia.

From Narni it was divided into two branches :

  • one, the Flaminia Vetus, directed to Carsulae;
  • the other directed to Interamna (today Terni).

A tour along the Flaminia Vetus Roman road, from Ocriculum to Carsulae.

The tour on the Via Flaminia Vetus is designed to visit, starting from Ocriculum and arriving at Carsulae, two of the most suggestive archaeological areas of Umbria.

Otricoli and the archeological area of Ocriculum.

Otricoli, located less than 15 kilometers south of Narni, is the first municipality of Umbria which we can meet along the Via Flaminia. 

The Archeological area of Ocriculum is placed downstream of the today’s village on the hill and offers 36 acres of beauty: from the roman amphitheater, to the mausoleums along the paving of the original Via Flaminia , from the hot springs to the particular large substructures without forgetting the river port on the Tevere.

The area is open and the entrance is free the whole year, if you want there is the possibility to ask a guide by payment.

In the last weekend of May, the historical reenactment Ocriculum AD 168 is not to be missed.

The Municipality of Otricoli is located on the hill a few kilometers from the archaeological area and offers the opportunity to visit a characteristic medieval castle and its characteristic village.



Strada delle Grotti 05030, Otricoli


The entrance to the Ocriculum Archaeological Area is located along the Flaminia Road (SS3). The area is open all year round with free admission.

Where to park

It is advisable to park the car at the Parking in front of the Bar Il Casottino.

The archeological area of Carsulae.

On the opposite side of the Flaminia, in the past reachable from Narnia through the Augustus Bridge, the Archeological Area of Carsulae is almost 20 kilometers far away from Narni and you can arrive there passing by the charming medieval town of San Gemini.

Smaller than Ocriculum but equally charming, the archeological area is placed under the green of Martani mountains and has, insid, an interesting documentation center. 

The door of San Damiano, the theater, the amphitheater and the splendid  adjacent cathedral  and the Church of Cosma and Damiano caratherize one of the most suggestive places of our region. 

The entrance is by payment and the hours vary throughout the year.

There is the possibility to visit the park for free or ask for a guided tour.



Strada di Carsoli, 8, 05100 Terni TR


The area is open all year round for a fee.

Where to park

The area is open all year round for a fee.

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