The history of Eroli Palace,  actual headquarter of the museum, of the art gallery and of the municipal library of Narni, is linked to the family of which has the name and who built it inside the old town around the half of the XVIII century.

The palace of the Eroli family in Narni.

Belonged to the Eroli family until the early 1980s, rises in the old town of Narni, behind the Town Hall, along the axis of the actual Via Saffi , and develop its facade for a length of 54 meters, starting from the right side of the Chapel of San Bernardino, today attached to the Church of San Francesco.

Consisting of  three floors above the road level and other three under it, occupies a surface of 2700 sq m.

Ingresso al Palazzo Eroli a Narni

The history of the palace.

Ended in 1748, year engraved on the ashlar placed in turn in the arch of the entrance portal, Eroli Palace is in the places where the ancient Church of San Martino raised and other buildings belonged to the family and to other noble families of Narni. 

The reorganization project in an one big noble residence with the unification of the several buildings was wanted by Pietro Eroli and his son Silvio.

The structure of the palace.

The main facade of the building is presented in three levels highlighted by thin frames that underline the exclusive development horizontally.

The exhibitions of the windows are simple and the only element that distinguishes the noble floor from the other levels is the presence of a simple molding and the smooth frieze surmounted by a straight frame.

The portal is inserted in an asymmetric position with respect to the facade as if to join the amalgamation of the two distinct buildings: the one on the right of the Eroli, the one on the left of the Cardoli-Alberti.

The entrance hall is divided into three bays with lowered cross vaults and the coat of arms Eroli in key.

On the left, beyond the access to the ticket office and the bookshop, a portal of the fifteenth century is the entrance to the wing, once Alberti-Cardoli. 

On the right, however, rises the monumental staircase that leads to the piano nobile.

Now the building hosts: 

on the second floor are preserved works of the Art Gallery.

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Eroli Palace


Via Aurelio Saffi, 1, 05030 Narni TR

Opening Hours & Ticket
  • from April to October : from Tuesday to Sunday , 10am-7pm
  • from November to March : from Tuesday to Sunday , 10am-6pm

(last entrance is 45 minutes before the closing)


– full € 6,00 / reduced € 4,00

NARNIA PASS (Eroli Palace + Rocca Albornoz + self-driving):

– € 9,00

  • from April to October:
    from Monday to Friday , 9am-7pm
    from Saturday to Sunday, 10am-7pm


  • from November to March: from Tuesday to Sunday , 10am-7pm
    from Monday to Friday, 8.15am-6pm
    from Saturday to Sunday, 10am-6pm
Where to park

It is suggested to park the car into the Suffragio Parking and go up with the elevator until via Garibaldi. Then you can reach piazza dei Priori and via Saffi.

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