Churches, abbeys, sanctuaries, natural paths for walks or for riding bikes: outside the walls of Narni lives the authentic spirit of the southern Umbria.

What to see outside the walls of Narni.

The itineraries and places surrounding the mountain where Narni is located are interesting both for natural and for cultural and spiritual attractions.

The Gole del Nera: from the Augustus Bridge to the village of Stifone.

At the end of the cliff, in the stretch where the ancient Via Flaminia in the past was divided to reach in one side Carsulae and in the other Interamna Nahars (Terni), rises one of the most impressive monuments of Italy: the remains of the Augustus Bridge.

Next to the bridge there is the Marchesi Eroli Mill, witness of the importance that the rivers had during the centuries to Narni and to its territory. 

Beyond the Nera, worth a visit is the majestic sanctuary of the Madonna del Ponte, built around a cave which preserves some ancient frescoes including that of the Madonna with Child which gave the name to the complex. 

Close by, there is the starting point of one of the most suggestive natural attractions of Narni: the cyclo-pedestrian of the Gole del Nera (i.e. Gorges of Nera river) that in 5 kilometers into the green of the mountain and the turquoise of the river, arrives to the village of Stifone, along what was the old traced of the railroad. 

As to control the Gole del Nera, on the opposite side of Narni, on the Sant’Angelo mountain rises the splendid Abbey of San Cassiano which is possible to reach through a guided hiking tour.

The Formina Roman Aqueduct and the Geographic Center of Italy.

The Sentiero della Formina (i.e. Formina Roman Aqueduct hiking trail) runs along the path that the Roman aqueduct makes from Sant’Urbano to the walls of Narni. The fourth and last bridge of the complex engineering work is Cardona Bridge that is worth the visit, if only because nearby is the geographical center of Italy.

Sacred Speco of San Francesco.

Near Sant’Urbano – along the Cammino dei Protomartiri Francescani (The Way of the Franciscan Proto-martyrs) rises one of the most important spiritual places of Italy: the Sacred Cave of San Francesco. A place of silence and peace, surrounded by nature, which still retains the charm that attracted first hermits, then San Francesco.

The Church of Santa Maria della Cerqua.

On the street which from Narni leads to the village of Capitone, in La Quercia location, rises massive and alone the Church of Santa Maria della Cerqua, an ancient building built around an oak tree where an image of the Madonna appeared. 

Discover Narni.

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