Deciding what to see in Narni and in its territory is a challenge. The characteristic medieval old town preserves several places which by themselves are worth a dedicated visit.

What to do and what to see in Narni in one day.

After parking your car to the Suffraggio parking lot, our day in Narni starts with a visit to the old town and then you’ll choose if to live the experience inside or outside the walls. 

In one or in the other case, the town is ready to surprise its visitors, thanks also to its local food and wine offert.

A town tour within the guided walk.

Although it is nice to get lost in the alleys and squares within the city walls, we thought of two guided tours that differ only for the time available:

The visit to Narni Underground.

Unmissable is the Visit to Narni Underground, a journey through time inside the Narni’s undergrounds , with entrance from the gardens of San Bernardo. 

A unique experience which starts from the incredible story of the discovery of the Church of Santa Maria della Rupe and arrives until the Stanza dei Tormenti della Santa Inquisizione (Room of the Torments of the Holy Inquisition) and the graffito cell where Andrea Lombardini was imprisoned. 

In summer, on reservation, it is possible to also visit from the inside, a part of the Roman Aqueduct of Formina.

The Albornoz Fortress

An experience outside and inside an impressive structure: the  Albornoz Fortress overlooking the cliff on which lies, just below, the city of Narni.

The Circuit of the Medieval Environments of Narnia.

In collaboration with the Corsa all’Anello Association and the three Terzieri, it is possible to live again the suggestion of the Middle Age through the experience of the Circuit of the Medieval Environments of Narnia: a former convent, some shops and laboratories where settings and scenes of medieval life have been reconstructed.

A guided walking trail until the Abbey of San Cassiano.

To those fascinated by history and nature, the Trekking Trail until the Abbey of San Cassiano is an unique experience that, from the center of Narni (or alternatively from the Augustus Bridge), part to the discovery of the track  which takes until the Abbey of San Cassiano, a place of peace and suggestion.

By walking or by bike along the Nera Gorges.

Going towards the valley, starting where the Augustus Bridge is located , starts an itinerary for everybody: lovers of trekking, running, mountain biking. 

The cycle-pedestrian of the Gole del Nera (=River Nera Gorges) is one of the most suggestive places of Umbria: a natural itinerary of the wonders with passage among the green of an uncontaminated nature made by woods of holm oak and ornello and emerald waters which, only in this part, make the river an oasis of beauty.

A trip to the Geographic center of Italy.

Along the ancient Sentiero della Formina (=Formina Way), just outside the walls of Narni starts an itinerary into the woods which arrives, in less than a kilometre, to the Cardona Bridge – work of Roman hydraulic engineering at the service of the Formina Roman Aqueduct.

Near the bridge, a stump indicates the Geographic center of the Italian peninsula.

Eat and sleep in Narni.

The food and wine of the south Umbria is still real and authentic and genuine are the dishes of our tradition which you can taste in several restaurants and taverns around Narni and its territory.

Seeing that it is impossible to visit Narni in one day, below there is the offer of accommodation: hotels, bed & breakfast, holiday homes and agritourism. 

Travel ideas.

Find out with us the travel ideas for a holiday in Narni and in the territory of southern Umbria.

Get inspired and discover what to do in Narni.

Find out what to do and see in Narni.

Discover more ideas for your holiday.

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