Scotti Palace, is one of the most impressive civil architectures in Narni, rises on the west side of Via Mazzini, close to Santa Maria Impensole.

One of the most beautiful palaces of Narnia.

It is not possible say exactly when this building was made: the documents in archive doesn’t confirm a certain date but it is possible supposed that the works started in the XVI century , around ‘70 years by Tullio Scotti commision, nephew of the Cardinale Giovanni Bernardino Scotti, after the devastation of the Landsknechts.

Esterno del Palazzo Scotti di Narni, visto da Via Mazzini

The architectonic style.

Assigned every time to Vignola or Sangallo, recent study , realized based on a stylistic comparisons, have identificated the project to the genius architect Ippolito Scalza, present in those years in Narni because committed with the works in the Roman Aqueduct of Formina and for the draw of the major altar present in the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Cerqua. 

The magnificence of the building, one of the most beautiful palace of Umbria, is made by a project which made possible the unification of two or three pre existing building with the addition of some architectonic elements of that period, as the shells decorations or the beautiful loggia in the same style of Antonio Sangallo in the Baldassini Palace in Rome, which we can find in the forms of Cesi Palace in Acquasparta. 

The insides and the frescos.

Probably committed by the same Tullio Scotti, the palace preserves some cycles of frescos recently referred to Alessandro Torresanti, son of Lorenzo, already author of the Chapel of San Giuseppe in the Church of San Francesco.

The works which represented some scenes from the Bible seems, in some point – see the cycle of the stories of Giosuè – allude to the the support of the Scotti toward the Pontefici, in the internal disputes which saw Rome deal with the families most connect to the Pope Paolo IV Carafa and those more faithful to the emperor of the Roman Sacral Empire Carlo V d’Asburgo.

Scotti Palace


Strada Mazzini, 7 – 05035, Narni

Scotti Palace is open and visible from outside and reachable from Piazza dei Priori taking via Mazzini.


To reach Scotti Palace and the old town of Narni it is suggested to park the car in the Suffraggio’s Parking and go up with the elevator until via Garibaldi and then reach piazza dei Priori.

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