The majestic Narni is placed to dominate that gorge made by the Nera river which gave it the name. Is an ancient city rich of history, art and tradition, a beautiful place to visit in Umbria.

The city of Narni.

Narni was the Nequinum of Umbrian people which slowed down the Romans in their advance towards the Adriatic sea, it was the roman and medieval Narnia which inspired painters and writers, and is in the narrow streets, in the squares, in the churches and in the palaces which draw it that we can read all its fascinating history.

Walking through the Old Town: what to see in Narni.

The town is dominated, in the highest part of the cliff, by the mole of the Rocca Albornoz, ideal point of connection of the outer circle of the walls from which it is accessed, among the others, by Ternana Gate – for those who come from Terni – and by Romana Gate for those who come from Rome. 

The walls preserves those masterpieces of art that make Narni worth to visit: 

Narnia, which inspired C.S Lewis for its writing of the “The Chronicles of Narnia”, is a city which you can discover as a book, browsing it page after page.

Discover Narni.

Walk to discover the old town:

Or discover the interesting points of Narni and of its territory:

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