Along the itinerary of Via Flaminia, which enters Narni from the south becoming Vva Vittorio Emanuele, there is Roman Gate that in the XVIII century impressed the Marquis De Sade on a visit to Narni.

The most impressive gate of Narni.

Placed in the past in the entrance of Via XX settembre, on what was the ancient route of via Flaminia which crossed Narni , took in Piazza Garibaldi, was realized to defend the entrance of the town around 1570. 

The episode of the Marquis De Sade happened in 1776, in the moment where the works were doing for the passage of the new route of the Via Flaminia and the door looked in to the direction of the precipice covered then in 1791 thanks even to a series of buttresses, still visible. 

Was in 1857, in the year on the occasion of the visit to the town by Pope Pio IX, that , in three weeks, the door was moved in the actual position.

Porta Romana di Narni

Roman Gate


Via Vittorio Emanuele 74 05035, Narni

The gate is reachable by walk going from piazza Garibaldi via Vittorio Emanuele.

Where to park

To reach the Romana Gate by walking it is suggested to park the car into the Suffragio Parking , going up until Piazza Garibaldi and walking in Via Vittorio Emanuele. 

If you want to reach it by car, it is possible to find parking around the area.

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