The pretty Church of Santi Silvestro e Feliciano is located in the highest part of the ancient castle of Borgaria and its entrance overlooks a square where you can enjoy a magnificent view.

The Church of the Saints Silvestro and Feliciano in Borgaria.

The religious building was built in the same period of the village in honor of St. Sylvester I, later it received the relics of St. Felician that are still found under the high altar, and from that moment it was dedicated to the two Saints.

The structure of the church is in one aisle divided by three arches and with a bell roof: on the right wall, after some restoration work, are discovered three frescos from the 16th century representing three Madonna with Child.

Very particular is the holy water font made, as in many cases in this territory, through the use of a Roman capital.

Church of the Saints Silvestro & Feliciano


Str. di Borgaria, 16, 05035 Borgaria, Narni TR


Phone. 0744 735213

It is possibile reach the Church of the Saints Silvestro and Feliciano by walking and visit even the village of Borgaria.

Where to park

We suggest to park the car near the entrance of the village.


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