The long itinerary discovering Narni is taught as walking about 2 hours (if you want to visit the monuments the time will be longer , about 4 hours) among the most important attractions of the city with departure and return in Piazza Garibaldi.

If you have less time available, you can choose a shorter walk. 

The long itinerary discovering the old town of Narni.

After leaving the car in the Suffraggio parking lot, through the elevators and after some walk it is easy to arrive in Piazza Garibaldi, point of departure and return of the walk. 

The first part of the itinerary reaches the old town of Narni with a rise towards the Cathedral of San Giovenale with a view, on the right of the Bishop’s Palace.

Leaving the Cathedral, from Via Garibaldi we suggest to take on the left Via del Campanile, one of the most beautiful and photographed narrow streets of Italy. 

From the stairs you arrive at the beautiful Church of San Francesco and, further, Eroli Palace, headquarter of the museum, the art gallery and the municipality library.

Visited the museum, you can continue towards the gardens of San Bernardo – with splendid views of the Valley of Nera and the Abbey of San Cassiano – from which you access the wonders of Narni Underground.

Leaving the complex of the former Church of San Domenico today’s Auditorium Bartolotti, the itinerary go towards, goes along the Mazzini street , towards the Church of Santa Restituta and then to Piazza Galeotto Marzio with the former orphanage , today’s complex of Santa Lucia and headquarter of the University. 

The walk then reaches the House of Erasmo from Narni and the near Fiera Gate.

Going back towards the center, from  via Gattamelata you reach the splendid complex of Sant’Agostino.

Now we are ready to go back towards Via Garibaldi and to the visit of Santa Maria Impensole and Piazza dei Priori  with:

Going down the street, at the end of Via Garibaldi there is Via dell’Arco Romano which takes us, again, to touch Piazza Garibaldi to go then towards  Ternana Gate and the spectacular landscape which is met in Via Roma.

From the door you go up towards the Church of Santa Margherita, visited which, you continue towards Via del Pozzo della Comunita and then where in addition you can reach the suggestive Pietra Gate with the beautiful view on the Gole del Nera.

Il percorso prosegue poi verso Porta Romana da cui iniziamo la risalita verso la Rocca Albornoz.

The return is thought to go discovering the ancient Feronia Spring and then go down, again, among the narrow streets and the squares of the district of Mezule to Piazza Garibaldi.

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