Find out what to see in Narni: among the walls of the town, outside its walls and in its territory made by castles, villages and ancient abbeys.

Discover what to see in Narni.

The town and the historic centre.​

Discover the most important sights in Narni: visit the Cathedral of San Giovenale, the museum and the art gallery in Eroli Palace, Narni Underground and the  Albornoz Fortress.

Take advantage of the opportunity of the integrated Narnia Pass ticket.

A tour outside the city walls.​

Go outside the walls to surprise yourself to discover the Abbey of San Cassiano, of the Augustus Bridge, of the Gole del Nera, of the Sanctuary of Madonna del Ponte or the Cardona Bridge and the Geographic Center of Peninsular Italy.

The lands of Narnia.

Take a tour into the municipality’s territory to discover the ancient castles of Taizzano, Borgaria, Itieli, Sant’Urbano, Gualdo, Guadamello, San Vito, Schifanoia, Capitone, Montoro and San Liberato, or the villages of Narni Scalo, Vigne and Stifone or beautiful churches, abbeys and sanctuaries like the Santa Pudenziana, San Martino, Sant’Angelo in Massa and the Sacred Speco of San Francesco.

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Comune di Narni

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