Faced on the slope which looks towards the valley, Pietra Gate (called even Porta delle Prede) is a suggestive medieval structure which give the name to the homonymous path which, from the old town of Narni, allows (and allowed) to reach the Gole del Nera and its itinerary cycle-pedestrian.

Pietra Gate: one of the most ancient entrances of Narnia.

Even if the first documents attested its presence to the end of the 1300, it seems that the Porta Pietra existed already during the period of the Gothic wars.  

Sadly remembered for an episode of 1527, when the troops of William I Prince of Orange managed to enter Narni just forced this door, owes its name, according to Bartolomeo Marsigliani, eighteenth-century author, to the large boulder on which it was built.

Entrata di Porta Pietra a Narni

The ancient path which from Narni takes to the Gole del Nera.

The Pietra Gate Path which takes from the door until the valley, and then continues to the Castrum Gaitamelli – today Guadamello – was recently rediscovered and made accessible. 

An itinerary which starts inside of Narni to go under the door, reaches the location of Recentino where it is possible to take the old railway layout, now transformed in cyclo-pedestrian along the Gole del Nera.

More than 5 km to arrive to the gig springs, in Le Mole location, passing before to the suggestive village of Stifone, which knew the prosperity when its turquoise waters were used to move the mills, then the bellows of the ironworks and finally the turbines of the first hydroelectric plant.

Accessibility through a jolette.

The recent restoration works  of the path made better the accessibility, with the installation of a tactile map and the possibility to use (with a request to the Municipality of Narni) of a joelette – a special one-wheel wheelchair that allows you to practice difficult routes even for people with reduced or impeded mobility.

Pietra Gate


Porta Pietra – 05035, Narni

The gate is reachable by walk from Piazza Garibaldi via Vittorio Emanuele.

Where to park

To reach Pietra Gate by walk it is suggested to park the car into Suffragio Parking and go up with the elevator until Via Roma. 

Is also possible to find limited  parking in some places along Via Vittorio Emanuele nearby the gate.

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Esterno del Palazzo Scotti di Narni, visto da Via Mazzini
City of Narni

Scotti Palace

Scotti Palace, is one of the most impressive civil architectures in Narni, rises on the west side of Via Mazzini, close to Santa Maria Impensole.

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