The Franciscan Protomartyrs’ Way is a pilgrimage in six stages that touch the places where the martyrs were born and anche where the: Berardo de’ Leopardi from Calvi dell’Umbria; Ottone de’ Petricchi from Stroncone; Pietro de’ Bonanti from San Gemini; Accursio Vacuzio from Aguzzo; and Adiuto from Narni.

It was in these places that, at the beginning of the thirteenth century, these people met Saint Francis and were converted, before leaving for a journey of evangelization that ended with their martyrdom.

The Way of the Franciscan Proto-martyrs Pilgrimage in southern Umbria.

The journey passes through the territory of Narni, near the Sacred Franciscan Speco, during the second stage, then arrive in the city at the end of the third stage and leave for the fourth.

Below, there are the six stages of the way which are a total of 109 kilometers long:

First stage: Terni - Stroncone.

The pilgrimage takes place from the Church of Santa Maria della Pace in Terni to the Convent of San Francesco in Stroncone, walking on the hills of Terni for 11 kilometer of wonders like the Abbey of San Benedetto in Fundis and the Monastery of San Simeone in the places which saw the birth of San Otone.

Second stage: Stroncone - Calvi dell’Umbria.

The second stage starts from the Convent of San Francesco in Stroncone to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Calvi dell’Umbria , 21 kilometres among the green , passing to Aguzzo, birthplace of Sant’Accursio and the Sacred Speco of Narni. 

The walk continues with the up towards the San Pancrazio Mountain and then the final downhill towards Calvi dell’Umbria, birthplace of San Bernardo.

Third stage: Calvi dell’Umbria - Narni.

The third stage is a walk in the lands of Sant’Adiuto: an itinerary of 28 kilometers discovering the wonders among history, nature and spirituality. 

You start from the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Calvi and you start the descent towards the Church of San Francesco.

The way takes to visit three of the most suggestive churches that you can meet in our territory: in Schifanoia the Church of San Michele Arcangelo; in Visciano location, the Church of San Pudenziana; and, in the countryside of Taizzano, the Church of San Martino.

The walking continues with the visit to the Abbey of Sant’Angelo in Massa to continues then with the passage under the Albornoz Fortress and the arrival into the Church of San Francesco.

Fourth stage: Narni - San Gemini.

The fourth stage starts from the Church of San francesco in Narni and arrives to the Church of San Francesco in San Gemini: a 20-kilometre walk, nel territorio di Narni, through the Augustus Bridge, the Abbey of San Cassiano, the ancient Sanctuary of Madonna del Ponte and the Church of the Madonna della Cerqua.

Fifth stage: San Gemini - Cesi.

The fifth stage follows the road from the Church of San Francesco of San gemini to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta of Cesi, passing to the Archeological area of Carsuale, and the Romita of Cesi for 12 kilometres among history and spirituality.

Sixth stage: Cesi - Terni.

The sixth and last stage of the pilgrimage, 17 kilometers long, starts at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cesi and arrives at the Church of Sant’Antonio di Padova – Santuario Antoniano dei Protomartiri in Terni – and along the way you visit the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Oro.

The Way, the plan and the GPX.

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Total distance: 101862 m
Download file: cammino-dei-protomartiri-francescani.gpx

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