The visit to the Aqueduct of Formina is a suggestive experience inside of 700 meters of a duct of the only Roman aqueduct in Italy open to the public.

Visit to the Roman Aqueduct of Formina.

Thanks to the Association Subterranea it will be possible to discover this ancient aqueduct , built in imperial age, and understand both the engineering aspects, linked to the construction and to the millennial maintenance, both the natural aspects.  

Meeting point for the experience is Piazza Garibaldi from which you will arrive, by your own means, to the access of the duct. 

The duration of the excursion is two and a half hours.

In addition to the visit in the aqueduct you can walk along the external path that from Narni arrives in Sant’Urbano through a special path created for this.

Meeting Point: Piazza Garibaldi


Piazza Garibaldi, 05035 Narni TR


The visit to the Aqueduct is placed only from May to October during the holidays and pre-holidays days on reservation, sending, at least 10 days before, the names, the dates of birth and the residence of the people who want to do this experience. 

The visit is for a group of minimum 4/5 people and maximum 6/8 people. 

If there is a group with more than 8 people it will be split into small groups and they will enter at short intervals. If there is a group with fewer people they will, if possible, be joined by other groups. 

The price of the ticket is  20 € each person , including the guide, helmet and insurance.


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