From Narni to the castle of Itieli in a suggestive ups and downs among history and nature: this is the CAI 655 Hiking Trail inside of the comlex of the Umbro – Sabini Trails.

CAI 655 Hiking Trail: Narni - Itieli.

The hike of 29 kilometres , starts from Piazza dei Priori in Narni and, passing in Piazza Garibaldi and in the district of Monte, reaches on top of the cliff the Albornoz Fortress.

From there until to meet the trails CAI 640 and CAI 654 passing downstream of the La Scogliera location to go up again the hill toward Cardona Bridge  from which starts the downhill that reaches Lake Recentino in a stretch in the middle of the plain and the countryside between Narni and Terni. 

Passed the Erababigia location you go up in Altrocanto location direction , arriving then to the ancient castle of Itieli.

The trails, the floor plan and the GPX.

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Total distance: 26775 m
Download file: sentieri-cai-655-narni-itieli.gpx

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