Not much remains of the ancient castle of Schifanoia, now a little village but in the past sentinel on the gorge between Poggio and Otricoli.

The ancient fort of Lombard origin of Schifanoia.

The village in the territory of Narni, hids probably in its name its longobard origin, because  schiffa means “revenge”, while  nauda means “pasture”, even if the castle was built in the XIII century around a massive tower collapse only in 1925. 

From the defensive structure remains only some elements of the city walls , ruins of the minor towers and the entrance which leads to the parish church. 

Into the village , along the Way of the Protomartyrs, is worth mentioning the beautiful Church of San Michele Arcangelo.

The Church of San Giovanni Battista.

The Church of San Giovanni Battista is located in the old town of the village and was built around the 14th century.

The facade is simple and is overlooked by a little niche with the statue of the Madonna. 

Inside the church there are several frescoes which go from 1300 to 1500, the most important is the big fresco which represents on to the Madonna with Bambino between the Saints Rocco and Sebastiano and below the redeemer between the Saints Antonio and Biagio, painted by an artist inspired by the great masters of the ‘500.  

In the chapel on the left there are frescoes inspired by the many that we find in other churches of the narnese.



Schifanoia – 05035, Narni

The pretty village between Gramaccioli and Fongalle can be visited on foot.

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We recommend parking near the main square.


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