The Church of the Saints Maria Annunziata and Silvestro, with its original bipartite structure, rises in the highest point of Taizzano.

The Church of Taizzano dedicated to the Saints Maria Annunziata and Silvestro.

The building, recently restored, dates between the end of 1440 and the first half of 1500.

Particular is its structure with two aisles, with the facade with two entrances anticipated by a pronaos with three sail arches.

Facciata della Chiesa dei SS Maria Annunziata e Silvestro di Taizzano

The inside and the artworks.

Inside there are some masterpiece, as:

  • the canvas of the Madonna del Rosario attributed to Michelangelo Braidi painted at the end of 1500, which, in addition to the central composition has a frame of 15 little checked representing the mysteries of the Rosary  ; 
  • also from the 1500 is the prestigious wooden choir ;
  • from the 1700 the stucco of the apse where is represented the Annunciation
  • by Bradi , at the end of his production and his untimely death, is the fresco at the end of the right aisle; 
  • on the side of the right aisle there is the Altar of the Santissimo Sacramento, probably work by the brothers Lorenzo and Bartolomeo Terresani;
  • the stoup from the XVII century with a on Sant’Antonio Abate it;
  • on the counter-facade a canvas of 1650 representing San Procolo.

Church of the Saints Maria Annunziata and Silvestro


Via della Madonnella, 35, 05035 Taizzano TR

The church is in the old town.

Where to park

The advice is to park near the access to the historic center, at the Belvedere in Via degli Schioppi.


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