The city of Narni is a perfect place for those who want to spend a holiday of a week or more in central Italy, in a region like Umbria dedicated to nature, wellness and outdoor sports, within the territory of Le Terre dei Borghi Verdi.

What to do and what to see in Narni in one week.

A week in Narni means have the possibility to live differnt experiences: 

All by choosing to stay in town or in other farmhouses which surround the area.

First day: a tour around Narni inside the medieval walls.

After arriving in town, the stay in Narni will start with a visit into the old town.

We propose two walks inside the city walls (shorter and longer) which leads to discover the most suggestive places of the town: from the Cathedral of San Giovenale, to the Eroli Palace headquarter of the museum and art gallery, to the Palaces in Piazza dei Priori and Narni Underground until the Albornoz Fortress.

Walking into the town you can realize different types of experience , so the first day will pass among the amazement of the Visit to Narni Underground, or the Circuit of Medieval Environments  or the same Fortress.

Visita a Narni Sotterranea.

An incredible experience that starts from the history of the discovery of the Church of Santa Maria della Rupe and reaches the Room of the Torments of the Holy Inquisition and the graffiti cell in which Andrea Lombardini was imprisoned.

Visit to the Albornoz Fortress.

A walk outside and inside an impressive structure: the Rocca Albornoz overlooking the cliff on which lies, just below, the city of Narni.

Circuit of medieval environments of Narni.

In collaboration with the Ente della Corsa all’Anello and the Terzieri it is possible to relive the suggestion of the middle age through the experience of the Circuit of medieval environments of Narni: a former convent, workshops and laboratories, where settings and scenes of medieval life have been reconstructed.

Second day: a tour outside the city walls of Narni.

The second day of an ideal holiday must be dedicated to the visit of some of the most interesting places outside the medieval walls of Narni.

  • Hiking tours – in particular the one which arrives until the panoramic Abbey of San Cassiano;
  • Walking or bike riding – remarkable that one along the Gole del Nera (Nera river Gorges) from the Augustus Bridge to Stifone;
  • or the experience into the nearby woods of Cardona with the trail that arrives at the homonymous roman bridge, one of the four of the roman aqueduct of Formina and the Geographic Center of Italy Peninsula.

Guided Hiking Tour to the Abbey of San Cassiano

A three-hour guided walk from Narni to one of the most interesting places, for history and spirituality, of the territory: the Benedictine Abbey of San Cassiano.
With possibility of departure also at the Augustus Bridge.

On foot or by bike along the river Nera Gorges.

The Gole del Nera (=Nera River Gorges) are one of the most popular places for those who practice outdoor activities, who like to walk through nature.

A naturalistic itinerary of wonders with passage between the green of an uncontaminated nature made of holm oak and ornello woods and emerald waters that, only in this stretch, make the river an oasis of beauty.

A trip to Geographic Center of Italy Peninsula.

Along the ancient Formina’s Trail, just outside the city walls of Narni, a walk in the woods that reach the Cardona Bridge – a work of Roman hydraulic engineering at the service of the Formina Aqueduct.

Near the bridge, a marker indicates the Geographic Center of Peninsular Italy.

Third, fourth and fifth day: to discover the Lands of Narnia.

Two days to discover ancient castles and pretty hill villages overlooking the Via Flaminia and the Nera Valley, as well as beautiful churches, shrines or places of natural beauty.

There are several routes you can choose:

  • in south direction along the via Flaminia: Taizzano, the Abbey of Sant’Angelo in Massa and the Church of San Martino; the castle of Borgaria, the beautiful Church of Santa Pudenziana; the village of Vigne and Schifanoia; and the ancient castle of Gualdo, Guadamello and San Vito at the border with Otricoli;
  • along the Nera river, on the via Ortana: Stifone and the Gole del Nera; the castle and the village of Montoro; the castle of San Liberato and the homonymous natural oasis;
  • discovering the via Capitonese with the Church of Santa Maria delle Quercia and the castle of Capitone at the border with Amelia;
  • in a narrow street which leads to the Castle of Itieli arriving then to the Sacred Speco of San Francesco passing through the characteristic village of Sant’Urbano at the border with Strocone.


Sixth day: to the discovery of the ancient via Flaminia vetus.

Understanding our territory means study its history and restrace the Via Flaminia Vetus which marked, from the III century BC , the history of its future municipalities: Ocriculum, Narnia and Carsulae

Remarkable are the archeological areas: 

  • of Ocriculum – at valley of Otricoli – 15 kilometres at south of  Narni;
  • of Carsulae – about 20 kilometres at north of Narni, in San Gemini direction.

Seventh day: the Marmore falls.

Even though it is a work made by humans, the Marmore Falls over the millennia has become the most suggestive and emotional natural spectacle of central Italy. 

Placed on the Valnerina, in the point where the Velino river throws itself in the Nera river, the falls is linked ideally to Narni by our river and is about 20 kilometres far away from the town. 

To the jump’s spectacle, several experiences are added along the park of the falls for every kind of tourist, from families to sportive people: itineraries for walking or biking, trekking, rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning and much more. 

Also, for those who visited Narni Underground there is a discount to the ticket for the Marmore falls

Eat in Narni.

Whoever arrives in Umbria, cannot fail to be attracted by the local food and wine – especially that of southern Umbria! 

An experience in Narni cannot be separated from the taste of the traditional food in the restaurants and taverns of the territory.

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