The Church of Saints Pietro and Paolo, dedicated to the patrons of Gualdo, is the principal religious building of this hamlet of Narni.

Church of Saints Pietro and Paolo of Gualdo.

Built on a building from the 1300 and restored several times, the actual aspect is from the last restoration made during the 1600.

Facciata della Chiesa di San Pietro e Paolo di Narni

The works inside the church.

Interesting are the canvases of the 1600 and a little table from the 1400 with above Jesus and lower the Madonna who keeps under her cape the faithful and protects them from the arrows of the Divine Justice. 

Particular are also:

  • the fresco represents the Baptism of Jesus painted in 1646, donated by Carlo F. Benincasa of Narni;
  • the votive frescoes on to the wall represent several saints , from whom we can recognize that the church was restored during the pontificate of Urban VIII (1623-1644) by the parish priest Lorenzo Maurizio of Narni.

Church of Saints Pietro and Paolo


piazza del Monumento 11, 05035 Gualdo di Narni TR

Gualdo and his parish can be visited on foot by leaving the car outside the castle walls in the parking lot.

Where to park

It is advisable to park near the main entrance of the castle.


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