Il lago di Recentino visto dal bosco Cardona, nei pressi dell'acquedotto della Formina

From Narni to the castle of Itieli in a suggestive ups and downs among history and nature: this is the CAI 655 Hiking Trail inside of the comlex of the Umbro – Sabini Trails. CAI 655 Hiking Trail: Narni – Itieli. The hike of 29 kilometres , starts from Piazza dei Priori in Narni and, […]

Passaggio sopra il Ponte Cardona dell'Acquedotto della Formina a Narni

The 654 hiking trail is a ring path that starts from the old town of Narni, reaches the Cardona wood to go back again in town in an itinerary among history and nature. The 654 hiking trail: Tour dei centri. The hike (E difficulty) of almost 12 kilometers starts in front of the Cathedral of […]

Veduta della Rocca Albornoz di Narni

The CAI 640 hiking trail is a hike for expert hikers that starts from the Albornoz Fortress of Narni to reach the Rocchette location nearby Vacone for a beautiful experience on the mountains among Umbria and Sabina. CAI 640 Hiking Trail: Narni Fortress – San Pancrazio Mountain – Cosce Mountain – Vacone – Rocchette. The […]

La chiesina oratorio di San Francesco presso il Santuario del Sacro Speco a Narni

The CAI 637 hike starts from the small castle of Vasciano, in the municipality of Stroncone and reaches the Saint Valentine Cross passing through the Sacro Speco Francesano along the Umbro-Sabini Trails. CAI 637 Hiking Trail: Vasciano – Sacro Speco – Croce San Valentino. The walk, just over 3 kilometers, starts from the square in […]

La via Flaminia e i mausolei a Ocriculum

The Via Flaminia was built between 225 and 220 B.C. by the Roman consul Caius Flaminius and, since then, became one of the most important communication routes in Umbria with the function of connecting Rome and the Adriatic Sea. The road, once in Umbria, reached Ocriculum (today’s Otricoli) to go towards Narnia. From Narni it […]

Passaggio sopra il Ponte Cardona dell'Acquedotto della Formina a Narni

The Formina Hiking Trail is a itinerary among history and nature which retrace back, from Narni to Sant’Urbano, the trace of the ancient Roman Aqueduct of Formina on a street probably traveled by Francesco which often used to find peace in the Speco of Sant’Urbano. The ancient Roman Aqueduct Formina Hiking Trail. The hike starts […]

Le acque fresche di una delle sorgenti di Stifone che finiscono nel Nera color smeraldo

The Narni’s territory is rich in springs which have been used since ancient times for the water supply of the town. A tour discovering the springs of Narni. Narni is a natural attraction thanks to its springs that, from the cliff to the Nera river, make its territory rich in the most important element for […]

Il ponte nuovo di Stifone sul Nera, attraversamento delle Gole del Nera

The 659 hiking trail starts from the old town of Narni and, after a tract among the city walls, goes down towards the Augustus Bridge to arrive, through the Gole del Nera and Taizzano to the Abbey of Sant’Angelo in Massa. CAI 659 Hiking trail: Narni – Madonna del Ponte – Taizzano – Castel Sant’Angelo. […]

Pellegrini lungo il Cammino dei Protomartiri Francescani

The Franciscan Protomartyrs’ Way is a pilgrimage in six stages that touch the places where the martyrs were born and anche where the: Berardo de’ Leopardi from Calvi dell’Umbria; Ottone de’ Petricchi from Stroncone; Pietro de’ Bonanti from San Gemini; Accursio Vacuzio from Aguzzo; and Adiuto from Narni. It was in these places that, at […]

Il ponte nuovo di Stifone che attraversa il Nera verso la ciclo pedonale delle Gole del Nera

The hiking trail that from Narni takes to the Gole del Nera is a suggestive ring circuit about 11 kilometers which starts from the old town, arrives into the Gole del Nera and, after passing in Stifone, goes back to the mountain until the medieval Pietra Gate. Hiking trail from Narni to the Gole del […]

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