Testa di barbaro su sarcofago romano di II secolo Palazzo Eroli a Narni

The presence of a travertine statue of a lion, once guarding a tomb – late republican, first imperial – welcomes us in the hall of Palazzo Eroli which, on the first floor, preserves the archaeological collection of the museum. The archeological section of the museum of Narni in Eroli Palace The museum preserves several remains […]

Particolare dell'Incoronazione della Vergine del Ghirlandaio

Eroli Palace, in the past residence of the noble family until the end of the XX century and today Museum, Art Gallery and Library of the Town of Narni, is in the highest part of the old town, behind the Podestà Palace and leaning against the Church of San Francesco. Eroli Palace: center of culture […]

Affreschi all'interno della Chiesa di San Francesco a Narni

Arriving from the close via del Campanile or directly from Piazza dei Priori, you can only be kidnapped by the late Romanesque features of the Church of San Francesco of Narni located in one of the highest points of the city. The Church of San Francesco in Narni. In 1213 the bishop Ugolino called in […]

Via del Campanile, Narni

A stair that goes from Via Garibaldi clambers up through one of the highest points of Narni: Via del Campanile is one of the most interesting and photographed corners of Narni. One of the most beautiful narrow streets of Italy. Arches superimposed on medieval windows and houses that seem to lean on each other in […]

Monumento al senatore Pietro Cesi nella Cattedrale di San Giovenale di Narni

The left aisle, placed on the lateral entrance from Piazza Garibaldi, preserves different works including graves, altars and chapels. The left aisle of the Cathedral of Narni. From the entrance, on the left, you can see the Altar of San Biagio, with a canvas made by an unknown author dating 1675, following the Altar of San […]

Facciata del Sacello di San Giovenale e Cassio all'interno della Cattedrale di San Giovenale di Narni

One of the particularities of the Cathedral of Narni is the presence of two aisles instead of one. The right aisle continues with that birthed to be inglobated in the principal building, the most sacred place of the town of Narni: the Sacello of Giovenale and Cassio (=Chapel of Giovenale and Cassio). The right aisle, […]

Navata centrale della Cattedrale di San Giovenale di Narni, in fondo l'altare

Entering the Cathedral of Narni, from piazza Cavour it’s suggested to go in the center to look at the building in all of its elements: it will be easy to understand the scope of the monument and the choice of certain architectural elements, that made this monument one of the churches to visit in Umbria. […]

Cappella della Beata Lucia con le tele del Trevisani nella Cattedrale di San Giovenale a Narni

On the two sides of the transept there are two of the most singular works of Narni’s Cathedral: the Chapel of the Blessed Lucia, in baroque style; the Chapel of San Giuseppe, in more late style, almost rococo. The Chapel of Blessed Lucia. Before the intervention of the Cardinal Sacripante, the chapel was dedicated to […]

L'Abside con le sette cappelle e il coro della Cattedrale di San Giovenale

The apse, in the Gothic architecture, is characterized by seven chapels inside of which the architect has wanted to link the uniqueness of the Narnese lowered arch with Gothic arch. The seven chapels. The chapels, covered by choir stalls, keep a relevant heritage of frescos, almost all assigned to the Maestro of Narni and to […]

Il portico della Cattedrale di Narni con vista su Piazza Cavour

The principal facade of Narni’s Cathedral, faced on piazza Cavour, is characterized by a porch built during the renaissance, which frames three marble doors with architraves under a low arch, which make this church one of the most beautiful churches to visit in Umbria.  From Piazza Garibaldi you can enter to the lateral entrance with […]

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