L'antica torre del castello di Bufone che si innalza nella vegetazione sulla collina

The tower which today rises along on the hill which dominates the flow of Nera river, represents the only surviving of what in the past was the Castle of Bufone. The lonely tower of the Castle of Bufone. The ancient castle and its tower were built on a hill that controlled the course of the […]

Il camminamento del Ponte Cardona in autunno

Reachable through a suggestive trail in the green of a forest of oaks and holm oaks, Cardona Bridge is the last of the four bridges of the Roman Aqueduct of Formina and is not far away to the Geographic center of Italy. Cardona Bridge : from the Aqueduct of Formina to the Geographic center of […]

Epigrafe all'interno dell'Acquedotto della Formina di Narni

Evidence of Roman hydraulic and engineering excellence, the Formina Aqueduct is a complex of tunnels, bridges and tunnels that run for 13 km on a constant slope, from Sant’Urbano to Narni. The Roman Aqueduct of Formina in Narni. According to priest Ferdinando Brusoni, which wrote in the XVIII century, an inscription on marble slab which […]

Veduta del Mulino dei Marchesi Eroli, del Giardino e parte del ponte sulla via Flaminia a Narni

The Mill of the Marquises Eroli rises on the banks of the river Nera , in a storical, artistic and naturalist contest of big importance, characterized by the ancient Via Flaminia , by the Augustus Bridge and by the Abbey of San Cassiano. The Mill of the Marquises Eroli, a recognized monument of cultural interest. […]

Ripresa aerea dell'arco superstite dei resti del Ponte di Augusto a Narni

Built during the Augustan age, to to overcome the impetus of the Nera River, towards that point of Via Flaminia which linked the town hall of Narni to those of Carsulae, the remains of the Augustus Bridge are one of the most suggestive roman monuments of the southern Umbria. The Augustus Bridge, the Via Flaminia […]

Veduta della Rocca Albornoz di Narni

The Albornoz Fortress, surrounded by a green nature, rises as a giant on the Maggiore mountain to dominate the Town of Narni , the via Flaminia and the landscape which you can enjoy on the Gole del Nera. The fortress of Narnia. Expression of the papal restoration made by the Cardinal Albornoz during the period […]

Fronte della casa natale di Erasmo il Gattamelata da Narni

The House of Erasmo Il Gattamela, where born one of the biggest captains of fortune of the Middle-Age, is along the walls of the town close to Fiera Gate. The birthplace of Erasmo da Narni called Il Gattamelata. Born in 1370 from Paolo and mother Melania Gattello, Erasmo from Narni was educated at the school […]

Auditorium ex Chiesa di San Domenico a Narni

That which today is a modern Mario Bartolotti Auditorium, in the past was the first Cathedral of Narni. Entrusted then to the Dominicans, was part of a large deconsecrated convent complex in 1867.   We talk about one of the most majestic works of Narni, the Ex Church of San Domenico. San Domenico, in the past […]

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