Vista su facciata e panorama dalla piazza dove si trova la chiesa di Santa Maria Annunziata di Guadamello

The Church of Santa Maria Annunziata, parish of Guadamello, overlooks a picturesque square with a view of the valley. The Church of Santa Maria Annunziata in Guadamello. There are no definite indications about the construction of this church, but it is believed that it may have been the castle chapel built between the 10th and […]

Il Palazzo di Guadamello, complesso creato attraverso l'accorpamento di diverse case torre

The former castle of Guadamello rises on a spur of rock which dominates the lake of San Liberato and its naturalistic oasis. L’antico castello di Guadamello di Narni. The name of Guadamello should come, as the others names of the castles of this part of Umbria – including the nearest Gualdo – from the longobardic […]

Facciata della Chiesa di Sant'Andrea Apostolo di Capitone

The particular Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo, with its belltower slender in the sky, rises in the old town of Capitone, of which it is the principal religious building. The church of Capitone. As it is for the castle which preserves it,  we don’t know exactly when the church was built. The first document which mentioned […]

Ingresso al castello di Capitone con la torre di difesa

The ancient castle of Capitone, residence of the homonymous family, because of its strategic position on the border was always contested by Narni and Amelia. The ancient castle of the Capitone family. The town, located on a hill, still shows its medieval defensive system with walls, towers that tell the pride and the will for […]

Esterno della Chiesa di Santa Pudenziana in località Visciano di Narni

The Church of Santa Pudenziana is certainly one of the most evocative Romanesque structures in Italy: a place not to be missed for all lovers of art and history visiting southern Umbria. The beauty of the Church of Santa Pudenziana, former Santa Maria in Visciano. The church is located in the beautiful countryside of Narni […]

La piazzetta con vista della facciata della Chiesa dei SS Silvestro e Feliciano a Borgaria di Narni

The pretty Church of Santi Silvestro e Feliciano is located in the highest part of the ancient castle of Borgaria and its entrance overlooks a square where you can enjoy a magnificent view. The Church of the Saints Silvestro and Feliciano in Borgaria. The religious building was built in the same period of the village […]

Vista aerea di Borgaria di Narni

The village of Borgaria, once a medieval castle, is suspended on a hill overlooking the passage between Vigne and Taizzano. The ancient castle of Borgaria. The castle is mentioned for the first time in 1191 in the register of entries of the Diocese of Narni, but has much more ancient origins due to the several […]

Esterno della Chiesa di Santa Pudenziana in località Visciano di Narni

Castles, villages, abbeys, each with their own history, each with their own traditions but linked each other in one proud land, that one which composes the Lands of Narnia, the territory of the municipality of Narni. Castles, villages and abbeys of the Narnia lands. Narni’s Municipality – within the so called “Umbria of the Le […]

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