Panorama delle Gole del

The Gole del Nera (=Gorges of the Nera river) and the itinerary cycle-pedestrian of six kilometers born on the path of the old railroad which accompany the waters of Nera which in this point has an intense emerald color, are one of the most surprising natural places of Umbria. The Gole del Nera, an oasis […]

Porta Romana di Narni

Along the itinerary of Via Flaminia, which enters Narni from the south becoming Vva Vittorio Emanuele, there is Roman Gate that in the XVIII century impressed the Marquis De Sade on a visit to Narni. The most impressive gate of Narni. Placed in the past in the entrance of Via XX settembre, on what was […]

Entrata di Porta Pietra a Narni

Faced on the slope which looks towards the valley, Pietra Gate (called even Porta delle Prede) is a suggestive medieval structure which give the name to the homonymous path which, from the old town of Narni, allows (and allowed) to reach the Gole del Nera and its itinerary cycle-pedestrian. Pietra Gate: one of the most […]

Particolare di Porta della Fiera che inquadra una delle torri di Narni

The ancient and austere Fiera Gate, in the past called Porta San Vittore from the name of a church near by, there is on the side of the walls of Narni which faced through Augustus Bridge and Narni Scalo, close from what was the House of Erasmo Gattamelata. The history of one of the most […]

Particolare dell'ex Ospizio di Gesù e Maria di Narni, oggi sede dell'Università

Placed at the end of Via Mazzini and enriched by beautiful palaces which faced it, Piazza Galeotto owes its name to the big humanist from Narni of the XV Century. Piazza Galeotto Marzio in Narni. Already called Piazza Cajola, it took its actual shape in the first half of the 1700, classified as the most […]

Via dell'Arco Romano a Narni

Via dell’Arco Romano, for its views and different restaurants where people enjoy the traditional dishes of Narni and more, is one of the most photographed streets of Narni. The Roman arch, the emperor Nerva and the history of Narni. Via dell’Arco Romano is characterized, on one side by the beautiful view of the narnese valley, […]

Il Palazzo Comunale di Narni al tramonto

The Municipal Palace, is in front of Priori Palace and, with its mole, the homonymous square in the center of Narni. The Podestà Palace, today headquarter of the Municipality. Placed on the area that was of the roman forum of Narnia, was built, purchasing in 1273, as it is reported in a document preserves in […]

Piazza dei Priori di Narni

One of the most beautiful squares in Umbria, Piazza dei Priori – in the past Platea Major – is in the highest part of Narni and hosts the most important buildings of the town. An audience for the most beautiful palaces of the city of Narni. This was the square where the Roman forum stood, […]

Via del Campanile, Narni

A stair that goes from Via Garibaldi clambers up through one of the highest points of Narni: Via del Campanile is one of the most interesting and photographed corners of Narni. One of the most beautiful narrow streets of Italy. Arches superimposed on medieval windows and houses that seem to lean on each other in […]

Fontana di Piazza Garibaldi di Narni, sullo sfondo la torre civica con l'orologio e l'entrata laterale della Cattedrale di San Giovenale

Piazza Garibaldi (Garibaldi Square) was once called Lake Square or Lacus square because of a large cistern used during the Middle Ages to provide water during sieges. Today the square is the center of Narni and the cistern has become an adventure path, which tell the importance and value of water. The square in the […]

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