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NarniaPass is a unique ticket costing 9,00 € that includes an audio guide, guarantees the opportunity to visit the most important attractions of the city:  Palazzo Eroli and Rocca Albornoz.

Emotions to See​


From Piazza Garibaldi to Piazza Galeotto Marzio to the discovery of the masterpieces of the Cathedral of San Giovenale and those preserved in the museum of the Eroli Palace, passing through the buildings of Piazza dei Priori, the churches symbols of the three Terzieri, the hidden charm of  Narni Underground, the Beata Lucia and the Albornoz Fortress.

Discover the charm of Narni, an ancient city: its history, the places of art and culture, those of spirituality, sport and nature.

Events in Narni

From the international events that are repeated and renewed from season to season, the Corsa all’Anello, the Narnia Festival, the International Festival Luci delle RibaltaNarnimmaginaria and Narni Città Teatro, to those that chase each other in the territory during the year.

Live Narni: discover the events which animate the Town and its incredible and varied territory all year.

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Where to Eat

Tradition or modernity? Taste or lightness? Remove any doubt and choose a place where you can have a unique food and wine experience.

Discover the restaurants of Narni and our territory.

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Where to sleep

Come and discover the accommodation facilities and choose the ideal place to spend time in Narni or in our territory.

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