Ingresso all'antico castello di Taizzano

The old castle of Taizzano is located along the Via Tiberina, just above the village of Stifone and the emerald course of the Nera river. The former castle of Taizzano. Since before the Romans and also after that, the territory of Taizzano must have been useful to Nequinum (Narni before the Roman age) as point […]

Schifanoia vista dall'alto

Not much remains of the ancient castle of Schifanoia, now a little village but in the past sentinel on the gorge between Poggio and Otricoli. The ancient fort of Lombard origin of Schifanoia. The village in the territory of Narni, hids probably in its name its longobard origin, because  schiffa means “revenge”, while  nauda means […]

Vista panoramica aera su Sant'Urbano

Sant’Urbano, near the Sacred Cave of San Francesco and from Itieli, is the last village of Narni on the border with Vasciano and the municipality of Stroncone. Sant’Urbano di Narni. The medieval castle was a domain of the Castelli family from Terni and was donated half to the Abbey of Farfa in 1038.  From 1277 […]

La torre romana del castello di San Vito

The former castle of San Vito, which today is a pretty hamlet of Narni, is characterized by the high watchtower that, surrounded by olive and holm oak woods, dominates the valley of the Tiber River. The village of San Vito of Narni. The first nucleus of the village was formed in the early Middle Ages […]

La torre di San Liberato

San Liberato is the southernmost hamlet of the territory of Narni and is characterized by its tower that rises on a hill above the homonymous naturalistic oasis. The village of San Liberato near the border with Lazio. The former castle was developed around the square watchtower which, even today, characterizes the village.  We have certain […]

Veduta aerea del castello di Montoro col palazzo baronale e il borgo

Montoro is among the oldest and most fascinating castles in the territory of Narni and preserves, on a hill along the last tract of the Nera valley,  its beautiful palace and the village that surrounds it. The ancient castle of Montoro. The village has a pyramid structure: at the base the village, then the palace […]

Ingresso principale al castello dei Itieli

The ancient castle of Itieli is a place rich in history and ideal for being in contact with nature and outdoor activities. Itieli, the castle of the “Indusse”. The village is a sort of oasis of peace and quiet surrounded by nature, and became the destination of many families during the summer and an enjoyable […]

La piazzetta di Gualdo di Narni

Il borgo di Gualdo sorge lungo il tratto di via Flaminia che da millenni porta da Otricoli – antica Ocriculum – a Narni – antica Narnia. Gualdo: un antico posto di guardia lungo la via Flaminia. Important was the strategic position of this fotified town that was the Roman vallum (=wall or border), or the […]

Il Palazzo di Guadamello, complesso creato attraverso l'accorpamento di diverse case torre

The former castle of Guadamello rises on a spur of rock which dominates the lake of San Liberato and its naturalistic oasis. L’antico castello di Guadamello di Narni. The name of Guadamello should come, as the others names of the castles of this part of Umbria – including the nearest Gualdo – from the longobardic […]

Ingresso al castello di Capitone con la torre di difesa

The ancient castle of Capitone, residence of the homonymous family, because of its strategic position on the border was always contested by Narni and Amelia. The ancient castle of the Capitone family. The town, located on a hill, still shows its medieval defensive system with walls, towers that tell the pride and the will for […]

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